Coryell County Jail


           Coryell County Jail                     Intake / Booking Area      Cell Extraction Response Team (C.E.R.T.)



The Coryell County jail consists of 92 beds in general population.  The jail houses inmates awaiting trial, inmates sentenced to the county jail and those sentenced and awaiting transfer to state and federal institutions.

Mail Address / Phone

Coryell County Jail

510 Leon Street

Gatesville, Texas 76528

254-865-7201 or 7202

The Coryell County Jail books in over 4,000 inmates per year.

Upon arriving individuals, and their property are thoroughly searched and their property inventoried.  All personal property is secured in the property room.  They are then photographed, fingerprinted and interviewed.  Within 48 hours all inmates are classified and housed in general population according to their classification.

All inmates are issued:

One jail uniform One pair of slides (footwear) One mattress
One towel One blanket One tooth paste
One tooth brush Soap Comb


Jail Staff

Staff assigned to work at the Coryell County Jail are licensed by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education (T.C.L.E.O.S.E.) as having completed the educational requirements as mandated by the Commission to perform duties related to their positions.  Officers have to continue their education and training throughout their careers to maintain their license.  Sheriff Johnny Burks has made training a top priority in order to maintain the safety and security of the jail.


Medical Staff

The jail provides basic medical, dental and emergency health care.  The Coryell County Jail medical department is staffed by one part time nurse.  The nurse holds sick call two times per week and makes referrals to the appropriate care provider.




CERT Members

Cell Extraction Response Team officers are specifically trained to respond to high risk situations within the jail such as barricaded inmates, hostage situations, or other high risk situations.


Food Service

Meals are prepared by inmates under the supervision of an employee and delivered to the inmates housing area.  The menu is reviewed and approved by a licensed dietician.  The jail serves over 93,000 meals per year.



A commissary is operated by a privately owned vendor on contract to the jail to offer for sale items to inmates confined in the jail.  Inmates may order items once a week.  They are in the following categories:

Food items Coffee, Drinks, etc. Stationary / Envelopes
Hygiene products Snacks Underclothing
Tennis Shoes    



Visiting Days: Tuesday and Thursday

Visiting Hours:  8:00 am to 11:00 am; 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Inmates are allowed two visits per week with a duration of 20 minutes each.

Contact visits are not allowed.

Persons shall be excluded from visiting for the below listed reasons:


Persons who have violated visiting rules or procedures


Persons who attempt to smuggle contraband into the jail


Persons who are co-defendants in an ongoing case, except immediate family


Employees of the Sheriff's Office, except immediate family


Ex-inmates except immediate family


Security Threat Group members, except immediate family


Persons who are under court orders, i.e. protective orders, etc.


Persons who are deemed security threats as determined by the Sheriff

Visitors are subject to search for probable cause.

All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Anyone 17 or older must be on the visiting list.

Cell phones are not allowed.

Visitors dress requirements:


Shirt and Shoes required


No article of clothing displaying obscene pictures or profanity


Shorts must be of an acceptable length


No halter tops, tank tops, fish net or see thru clothing


Dress must be of acceptable length

Religious Advisor visiting:

Visiting Days:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Hours:  8:00 am to 5:00 pm



Inmates may receive funds to be deposited to their account.  Only money orders are accepted.  No Cash.  The money order should be made out to the inmate.



Property will not be accepted for an inmate confined in the jail except prescription medication.  Inmates who are scheduled for jury trial may receive clothing on the date of trial.  Inmates property is only released Monday thru Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm by a designated employee only.



Books must be mailed in from the publisher or book store.  Must be paperback only, no hard back books will be accepted.



The mailing address for the jail is 510 Leon Street, Gatesville, Texas 76528.  Be sure the inmates first and last name is included.  The letter must have a return address including your name.


Contact Information

The jail phone number is (254) 865-7201 extension 30

Jail Operations Commander - Lt. Rita Thomas extension 231
  Lt. Thomas Email
Sergeant Pam Heck extension 241
  Sgt. Pam Heck
Shift Supervisor extension 241
Booking Desk extension 232
Nurse extension 239
  Jail Nurse Email
Visitation extension 223
Jail Operations extension 230


Question & Answer

The following link Q&A is provided to answer the more commonly ask questions about the jail.